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Acrylic Rendering

acrylic-rendering Acrylic rendering service is a similar service as the cement rendering but using an acrylic premixed rendering material instead. The addition of the acrylic solution to the render composition, makes the render even stronger and more flexible, giving it even better waterproof properties. Also with the addition of the acrylic material, the rendering mix will be even less susceptible to fissures caused by external elements, such a weather. Additionally, any wall movements that can happen over time, will not impact the acrylic rendered surface used on them.

One step further with Acrylic Rendering

Given the nature of the acrylic renders, they can be used on a vast variety of surfaces. If in the case of traditional renders, they could be applied on mostly rough surfaces, the acrylic ones can be utilized on smoother surfaces as well, such as cement blocks, concrete, timber, or even fiber and cement sheeting. Acrylic rendering through the qualities of its composite makes it feasible to be used in different ways, like rolled or trowelled into the surface of the wall, or even sprayed. That makes it possible to have more than one coating of acrylic renders, of different colors. There is also a greater variety of finishes that can be employed with an acrylic render. Glistering or stipple finishes can be given to a surface using acrylic rendering, and a vast diversity of textures and patterns, resembling clay, marble, stone, sandstone or other different, innovative looks. Furthermore, the duration of curing and drying is drastically reduced compared to the cement rendering.

Best Renderers Sydney?

Our talented team of renderers can create all types of finishes and designs, from minimal and elegant, to the most complex, intricate texture coatings. At Amazing Rendering, we have the experience, knowledge and passion to transform your house through acrylic rendering, giving it a stand-out look. We are also fully insured, and all our staff members on top of being experienced and enthusiastic, are also licensed. If you want superior services and are looking for the best renderers in Sydney, you can confidently contact us, as we will not disappoint. For FREE quotations or estimates, call at 0431125506