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Cement Rendering

cement-rendering Cement rendering is the process of applying a layer of the cement composition to rough, irregular surfaces. The surfaces that cement rendering is being used on are usually made of, but not limited to concrete blocks, brick or stone. Materials used to form this cement composition usually include concrete, sand, lime and water. The sand in the mixture is used for different finishes, while the lime is being used to prevent the appearance of fissures, once the render has dried.

House Rendering -options and benefits

Cement rendering is being used to smoother and improves the look of the interior and exterior walls of a house or building or garden fences. The render can have different textures and colours, depending on the aspect you wish to give to your house. Coarse sand can be used for a textured finish, while fine sand can be used for a smooth finish of the surface, while other distinct render materials can be used for diverse effects. Also, the render can be used in its natural colour or a different colour can be chosen, according to preferences. The choice of colour can be used while the render mixture is being formed, to pigment it, or give it a painted finish after the rendering is finished. A clear benefit of choosing to render your house using either a natural coloured render or a pigmented one is that you will not have to worry about painting your house again. A house rendering process can significantly improve the value of your house. Not only it will give your house the pleasing appearance you are looking for, but applied on the exterior walls also serves as weather protection.

Amazing Cement Rendering Sydney

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