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Swimming Pool Rendering


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Swimming pool rendering is a service that requires a great depth of understanding of the rendering process and considerable experience. There are different factors that need to be considered when undergoing the rendering of a pool. Swimming pools are constantly under enormous pressure from internal and external forces. Internal pressure dictated by the pool water, and external pressure inflicted by continuous variations in ground pressures enclosing the pool. These forces combined will lead to the appearance of cracks in the walls of the pool. Those cracks once surfaced, will rapidly expand, resulting in increased leakage. This is one reason why the rendering mixture and the way it will be applied should be carefully considered. Another aspect of the swimming pool rendering service that needs consideration is the waterproofing. Bearing in mind that water will constantly be present in a pool, reliable waterproofing is absolutely necessary to guarantee the longevity of the structure. Proper waterproofing will avert water from finding a way into the structure of the walls and inflict damage that will require further repairs. Most of the swimming pool rendering services imply concrete rendering, which ages well but is still subject to a few issues. Some of the problems that can surface in time from diverse reasons can comprise:
  • hair line cracking – which needs to be fixed before developing into more serious issues
  • worn areas – which result in a rough and uneven surface
  • stains or rust stains – which give an unpleasant look to the swimming pool
  • birth of algae – which will also interfere with the general pleasing look of the pool
  • concrete cancer – which may also cause major cracks and leakage
All these factors make swimming pool rendering not an easy service to be performed successfully without extensive experience.

Tough, Durable Swimming Pool Rendering

Swimming pool rendering is a job that involves a skilled process and requires a team of experienced specialists. Amazing Rendering has the right team that can help you with this project. Through our rendering services, we will make sure to produce a tough, durable surface that will endure the constant pressure and will allow you to enjoy your pool for a long time. We provide render before tiles services that create a good base for the application of various decorative top coats. If you need a professional advice and assistance, get us involved by calling at 0431 125 506 for a FREE quote.